A Mother's Perspective – College Dreams Come True

December 20th, 2019|

Our Latino U Scholars Experience
By: Martha, Juan's Mom
Latino U Scholar '19
New York University '23

Juan and Family 2019 Grad CelebrationWhen our son Juan was born, the ultimate goal was to provide a life with better opportunities. Of course, that’s easier said than done! A few years after his birth, my husband and I lost our jobs. There we were thinking about how our goal was starting to take a detour. After much thought, we decided to immigrate to the United States from Colombia. Like most immigrants, we have worked hard, but it has not been easy, especially since we have not found jobs in-line with our fields.

When Juan reached eleventh grade, we were full of worries and uncertainties about the college process. We didn’t even know where to begin. I often found myself feeling so bad and guilty when my son would talk to me about his college plans. Thank God Latino U College Access came into our lives. Thank God for the amazing, dedicated, and loving staff and coaches of LUCA. They took my son and guided him through the entire college process. His volunteer College Coach has been a guardian angel on earth! He and Juan worked so hard getting applications in on time, writing essays, analyzing college options, and talking about the future. He has been given the tools not only to apply to college but tools that he will use throughout his entire life.

At LUCA, we have found that sense of family and community. We have encountered committed individuals who are volunteering their time, experience, and efforts to help our children reach their highest potential. People who believe that our sons and daughters have a lot to contribute to our communities. People who want our children to succeed in life and who believe that race and economic status should not be obstacles for our children to access the colleges that they deserve.

Our children are proud Latinos. They are young, intelligent people who will reach their college and career goals thanks to the people at Latino U College Access.

Thank you! Thank you for believing in our children, for standing by them, and for guiding them during such an important step in their lives. THANK YOU!! These two words are not rich or big enough to express our immense feelings of gratitude towards the LUCA familia.

Juan and Family NYU Move-In Day

Juan & his parents on NYU move-in day.