Meet Esteban & Debbie – Scholar/Coach Spotlight

January 17th, 2020|

Debbie and Esteban

Debbie and Esteban were matched as volunteer College Coach and Latino U Scholar in July of 2019. Every week since, the pair met at Barnes & Noble – with their Starbucks drinks in hand – to work through the complexities of the college admissions process. Together, they submitted applications to top institutions, including Princeton, Yale, and MIT. However, Esteban entered the Latino U Scholars program with his eyes and heart set on one particular school – Stanford University, where he has been accepted! 

“Getting accepted into Stanford felt surreal. It was the best moment of my life thus far, and it took me a few days to actually believe it.” 

Esteban is currently a senior at White Plains High School, where he is one of the top students in his class and plays many sports. Moreover, he is always willing to help his peers with their studies. Esteban has learned a lot from working with Debbie; she helped him strengthen his writing skills and taught him to be patient while waiting for college decisions to arrive. 

“The most rewarding part of having Debbie as a volunteer College Coach was really having her as a friend whom I could turn to during these stressful months. College application season is a very stressful time. It is hard to talk with other friends about it since they are also going through the same thing. Debbie helped me remain calm, motivated, and confident,” Esteban reflects.

Debbie, an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania, really appreciates how hands-on she can be when volunteering with LUCA. Her lifelong commitment to volunteerism and education makes her a natural College Coach. This is Debbie’s third year coaching and her first year working part-time for LUCA as our College Coach Advisor. 

“Being a College Coach has changed my life. There is truly nothing more satisfying than helping a student achieve his/her college dreams. I have a strong bond with my Scholars and am grateful to have had the opportunity to assist them,” says Debbie. 

Esteban is planning to pursue a degree in computer science with a minor in either engineering or math. He is looking forward to pursuing internship opportunities at different technology start-ups and aspires to launch a tech company of his own one day.

Debbie’s wish for Esteban, as he starts this new chapter in his life, is to enjoy every moment and to take advantage of all that college has to offer. “It was a privilege to work with such a kind and brilliant young man. I thoroughly enjoyed his company and loved getting a glimpse of how his mind operates. I have no doubt that he will be successful in his professional endeavors.”