Mastercard and the Power of Partnership

March 31st, 2020|

Mastercard Collage

Since 2017, Mastercard has been a valued Corporate Partner. Each year, Latino U Scholars visit Mastercard's headquarters in Purchase, NY to discover new career paths, explore a corporate environment, and practice their networking skills. Mastercard's employees are an integral part of these visits as they share knowledge and experiences with our Scholars through a panel of first-gen professionals, office tours, and speed networking. We're so grateful for Mastercard's ongoing, generous support, which makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our Scholars and their families.

Read our interview with Nicole Katzman, Vice President of Franchise Acceptance Performance, to learn more about the transformative power of our partnership and the importance of giving back.

What do you like most about working with LUCA and Latino U Scholars?

Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with the Latino U College Access staff and engaging directly with LUCA Scholars through the onsite "Career Days" at Mastercard.  I have been struck by the heart and dedication shown by the LUCA team to their Scholars in the mission of empowering first-generation Latino youth to enroll and graduate from college.

I have been impressed by the high caliber Scholars that I’ve had the privilege to meet and interact with, and who consistently blow me away with their poise, intelligence, and ambition.  It has been extremely gratifying to be a part of their journey, to be able to contribute some guidance and words of wisdom as they strive to achieve their goals and to witness firsthand the bright futures that lie ahead of them and are coming to fruition.

Why is this partnership important to Mastercard and its employees?

The partnership between LUCA and Mastercard really resonates with our employees.  The Scholars leave an impression on everyone they meet and foster a sense of optimism that the future is indeed bright.  There are several first-generation college graduates who work at Mastercard, and for them especially, the LUCA mission really strikes a chord.

Mastercard has also benefited from this partnership on a business level, as the Scholars represent a compelling pool of talent and potential future hires.  We had a fantastic experience with a Scholar who we met at our first Career Day and then a couple of years later hired as a summer intern.  She performed at a very high level and certainly opened the door (and our eyes) for others to hopefully follow.

Why is giving back important to you, personally?

Giving back is important to me because I believe we all have a responsibility to be active participants and improve the communities that we live in.  When groups and individuals within a community are lifted and able to grow and flourish everyone benefits.  In addition, there have been times in my own life when I have needed and had been fortunate to receive help or a hand up, and I feel it’s important to pay it forward and do the same for others.


Thank you so much, Nicole, for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us! We're looking forward to visiting the Mastercard team again later this year.